Product Owner

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands · Product · PO


You are an entrepreneur. You are always fascinated by new products, want to know how they work and why people use them. You immediately see how to improve, optimise or redesign the product to increase it’s value. If that’s you, then you are a perfect candidate for a Product Owner position.

We invite you to join our Product and Innovation team that focuses on the newest technologies in the areas of AI, chat bots, mobile apps, Augmented Reality, Social Media and more!

As a Product Owner you will control the product from an idea to a full launch and beyond. You will work with your team on design, implementation, market strategy, optimisation and more. In reality you will run a startup within an organisation that provides you with funding, legal advice, marketing and everything that will help make your product successful!


You must live in Netherlands or have Dutch work visa.

No one is perfect, but you should at least have 3 of the following skills:


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